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We are happy to announce the 2015 PMI Central Alabama Chapter Symposium Keynote Speakers.
This year's speakers keynote speakers are Skip Weisman and Dr. Dale Callahan.

Skip Weisman

Skip Weisman, The Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert, has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 2005 and because of his presentation skills and style was invited to become a certified World Class Speaking Coach in 2014.

Over the first 20-years of his professional career Skip served as CEO for 5 different professional baseball franchises in the U.S. He left the game of his childhood dream following the 2001 baseball season due to personal life style choices and has been working with small to medium sized businesses, project managers, project leaders, and PMOs to transform interpersonal communication ever since.

The communication strategies Skip teaches project managers have been developed from his personal experience and leadership growth opportunities along with 12 years experience as an organizational communication coach and consultant. Skip brings unique and proprietary intellectual property to all of his presentations, as one meeting planner said, "no one is communicating about communication the way Skip Weisman is, he presents a unique and fresh look on an age-old subject in a way that is enlightening, engaging, entertaining and educational." To learn more about Skip, visit Please check out Skip in action by watching his video.

"How to Consistently Influence & Impact Your Most Important Stakeholder to Drive Greater Project Results!"
Despite your PMP certification, do you still find yourself struggling with being heard and respected as a valued resource in your organization? Do you continually have to justify your existence and worth, often taking on a supplicant role? This keynote will shift the mindset of those in attendance and inspire all to step up to their true worth and value as a PM and all that that role brings to their organization.

Dr. Dale Callahan
Dale Callahan is a leading authority on winning at work. Combining the skills in engineering, personal leadership, and business strategy, Dale works with professionals helping them develop their entrepreneurial muscles to foster innovation and economic development. He is the director and faculty of the graduate program in engineering management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also an active speaker for professional organizations, a blogger, a podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur.

As an engineer in industry, Dale has served in telecommunications, automation, software development, and project management. As a faculty he has been part of Electrical and Computer Engineering course development, program development, and led an active research program embedded systems and tracking.

Most importantly, Dale provides education and resources to help invigorate engineering careers that have gone stale by teaching you how to find the right career path and win. His course in personal entrepreneurship continues to be the flagship of the Information Engineering and Management program by rekindling the fire and spirit of innovation engineers once felt, but found smothered after years of bureaucracy.

Dale lives in Birmingham, Alabama. His wife is Lea Callahan. He has four children and two grandchildren.

"Leadership From a Cubicle" You don't have to be an executive to think like one. Good leadership is a state of mind, not a business title. Come discover the elements to good basic leadership skills and how to use them as tools to move up in your company.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from these outstanding leaders!
Early registration ends on March 31, 2015.