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10 Reasons Flashcards Can Help You in PMP Exam Preparation Review

When I was studying for my PMP Exam, I found that flashcards were a valuable component of my study plan. In the 10 Reasons Flashcards Can Help You in PMP Exam Preparation by Cornelius Fichtner, he briefly describes ten different ways to use flashcards to improve familiarity with the topics and become comfortable with the way exam questions are worded. If you are preparing for your PMP, I recommend reading this month's submission. In addition to his suggestions, consider the following variations:

  • Find a "Study Buddy" and take turns reading the questions and giving the answers. Start slow, but try to bump up the pace in subsequent study sessions. This accomplishes many objectives, including:
    • Accountability with your Study Buddy
    • Increased understanding on the part of the reader, as well as the person answering the question
  • Pretend like the deck of flashcards is an exam. Read the questions and write the answers on a piece of paper, but don't check your answers until you get to the end. Time yourself. This will help you learn how to pace yourself. Review the topics that need more attention and do it again.

Do you have a unique way to use flashcards? If so, send them to the VP of Communications and we'll get them out to the chapter membership.

With best regards,
Phillip Lichlyter