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PMICAC Professional Development Day - CAC Talks Presentation Search

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PMI Central Alabama Chapter is sponsoring a CAC-Talks contest for members. CAC Talks are similar to TED Talks. Active members are eligible to sign up to give a brief (10-12 minute) presentation on any aspect of the Project Management profession. The CAC-Talks is part of the PMI Central Alabama Professional Development Day that takes place Monday, May 13th.

Members must submit the following information to participate in the contest:

Presentation topic
Presentation Title

Professional Development Day (PDD) Committee will review and select top 4 submissions.

Audience members will judge at completion of each presentation and a score will be applied.

High Score Winners will be announced following the afternoon keynote. Prizes will be awarded with top prize of $250 Gift Card.


Judging Criteria: Score 1-5 (5 being highest)

 Relevant 2
 Delivery 1 2 3
 Useful 1 2 3 4 5


Submit presentation topic and title when you register for PMICAC Professional Development Day here.