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PMI Central Alabama Chapter Rebranding

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pmi chapter central alabama iconOn October 5, PMI Global rolled out a new branding initiative designed to capture the new work environment as it enters celebrates its 50th birthday and prepares to tackle the next 50 years. PMI has worked with our chapter to come up with new branding including a new logo. Implementing the changes to chapter artifacts begins Monday, 3/2/2020 with the website. The goal is to finish the transition by 3/31/2020. Some of the brand refresh FAQs can be found below.


Q1: Why is PMI making a change to its brand?
A: Because it is so visual, you might think that our new logo, colors, typography and symbols are the “new brand.” But these images are only a visual representation of our new brand position, which is the core of PMI as we begin our next 50 years.

When the Project Management Institute was founded 50 years ago, project
management wasn’t a thing yet—it was a small group of people talking about new tools, and processes that were changing the way work was being done. Our founders had the foresight to create an organization that would help people deliver results as their work changed. We’re carrying on that vision with our new brand.

We’re planting a flag in the future as ways of working continue to change. PM’s Value Delivery Landscape encompasses all of what we do today, all of the new offerings and knowledge we now have through our friends at Disciplined Agile and Flex, and is broad enough to keep us relevant through whatever is next – whether that’s citizen developer, low code/no code, quantum computing, or something completely new that will emerge as we continue to integrate technology into our ways of working.

Whatever that looks like, PMI powers The Project Economy, strengthening society by enabling organizations and empowering people to make ideas a reality. The new logos, symbols and graphics are the visual representation of this new position, and PMI’s intent to be the leading voice in the future.
For more detail about PMI’s new brand position, please view the Straight Talk With Sunil and Cindy Anderson, PMI Vice President of Brand, at

Q2: How did PMI decide to move forward with this as our new brand?
A: As PMI enters its second half century, we are carrying on the vision of our founders when they created PMI to address new ways of working. Our Board of Directors asked for a brand refresh that would position PMI for its next decades of leadership as we strengthen society, enable organizations and empower individuals to turn ideas into reality. We gathered input and feedback from hundreds of stakeholders, including members, certified professionals, executives and volunteers, through surveys, focus groups, and online collaboration forums. We gathered insight from our research and combined these to land on the new brand personality, position and identity you see now.

For more detail about PMI’s new brand position, please view the Straight Talk With
Sunil and Cindy Anderson, PMI Vice President of Brand, at

Q3: What are the new symbols and what do they mean?
A: There are 10 unique symbols that make up the language of The Project Economy
– eight of them are available for use by everyone in the PMI brand ecosystem. Two are restricted.

These symbols create a consistent design language that represent some of the characteristics needed to be successful in the future. Over time, as we use them in our communications, these symbols will help shape and define The Project Economy, and demonstrate PMI’s authority and leadership in this space.

Q4: What do we need to know about changing over to the new identity?
A: First, there is no need to panic! We know it will take some time for all of our chapters and other partners to deplete current inventories of printed materials, to recode web pages and email templates, and make other changes to their PMIrelated graphics. Our goal is to have most of the customer-facing visuals changed throughout our ecosystem by the end of first quarter 2020.