PMI Central Alabama Chapter

June 2020 President's Corner

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I want to reach out to our members and first of all say that, on behalf of the PMI Central Alabama Chapter (PMICAC) board members, I hope that all is well with each of our members and their families. As we all know we are in the midst of an unprecedented time in our personal and professional lives. For the most part, we all have made significant shifts in how we work and interact with our colleagues, customers, and vendors. Like most of us, PMICAC was not prepared for these conditions and did not expect in mid-March 2020 that we would still be in the same position in mid-June 2020.

With respect to providing service and value to our members, I want to let you know that the board is working on ways to provide virtual chapter meetings for July 2020 as well as the remainder of the year. We also are investigating our options to hold a Professional Development Day (PDD) this year. Whether that be in person, virtual, or hybrid is yet to be determined.

It is important to us to provide value to our members and please know that we are evaluating our options and working closely with PMI Global on what options are available to PMICAC. Please look to our website for upcoming communication regarding chapter meetings and our pending PDD. Also, if members are in need of PDUs, please look to and to provide other avenues for obtaining PDUs.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Randy R. Johns, MBA PMP
President, PMICAC 2020