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When I was studying for my PMP Exam, I found that flashcards were a valuable component of my study plan. In the 10 Reasons Flashcards Can Help You in PMP Exam Preparation by Cornelius Fichtner, he briefly describes ten different ways to use flashcards to improve familiarity with the topics and become comfortable with the way exam questions are worded. If you are preparing for your PMP, I recommend reading this month's submission. In addition to his suggestions, consider the following variations:

  • Find a "Study Buddy" and take turns reading the questions and giving the answers. Start slow, but try to bump up the pace in subsequent study sessions. This accomplishes many objectives, including:
    • Accountability with your Study Buddy
    • Increased understanding on the part of the reader, as well as the person answering the question
  • Pretend like the deck of flashcards is an exam. Read the questions and write the answers on a piece of paper, but don't check your answers until you get to the end. Time yourself. This will help you learn how to pace yourself. Review the topics that need more attention and do it again.

Do you have a unique way to use flashcards? If so, send them to the VP of Communications and we'll get them out to the chapter membership.

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Phillip Lichlyter

By Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP – president and founder of Thinktank Consulting

I get asked this question all the time. My consulting engagements start with it. My trainings – whether public or on-site – start with it. Sometimes, I even hear it during casual conversations with my friends. Usually this inquiry is followed by the following statement, “Well, you are the project management expert! Care to share your opinion on the subject?”

In reality the answer to this question is not that simple and exists in a two-dimensional space, so to speak.

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New features and functionality have been added to our chapter website with the goal to increase its value and benefits to our chapter members.

This website upgrade utilizes an updated design for presenting information. Major features include:
— optimized for viewing on your desktop, laptop, or tablet, as well as your smartphone
— improved interfacing for Social Media utilization
— provides a seamless integration with the PMI global web site through a Single Sign-On feature
— links for frequently used services from PMI are provided:

1. myPMI (PMI Profile),
2. VRMS (global volunteering),
3. CCRS (Record your PDUs)
4. LOGOUT (exits you from the chapter website).

The Single Sign-on feature will provide members a tremendous benefit in being able to interact with our chapter website and through a single login.

Please note that it introduces a change to your Login ID. The email address you provided PMI will no longer be your Username; it is replaced with the same Username that you currently use to logon to

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Book Review
Jesus in the 9 to 5: Facing the Challenges of Today's Business World
Author: Dennis E. Hensley, PhD

Several months ago, I happened upon a talk radio program and they were discussing a new book with an intriguing title. Although I didn't hear the entire broadcast, what they had to say made me curious for more information. "Speed reading" is not listed in my skill set and with good reason, but in what can be described as a relatively short amount of time, I finished the book.

Jesus in the 9 to 5 is a book that immediately reads differently than a typical self-help book on sharpening your business acumen. Dr. Hensley opens chapter one with the first of many vignettes that follows a cast of characters through various predicaments and business decisions. Between the episodes, the author covers a wide range of topics, including dealing with personnel problems, reaching goals, time and stress management and personal presentation. The thing that really caught my attention was something called, "reconceptualization". I hadn't heard of this word before, and apparently neither has Microsoft. Thankfully, I was able to find it on Wiktionary with the following definition: "The act or process of reconceptualizing, of developing a new concept for something." Some people say that perception is reality. Frankly, I don't agree with that. Just because something looks a certain way to a person doesn't elevate it to the level of truth. But if one can paint a picture in their mind of how they would like to be, can they actually bring about real changes in their life? At the heart of the process is finding your strengths and coming to grips with your weaknesses. You must capitalize on the former and overcome the latter. Simple, right? Well, if being brutally honest with yourself about yourself is one of your strengths, then you are a good ways down the road to accomplishing your goals. I naturally want to hide my faults and even sometimes pretend they aren't there. In the short term, this is much easier than dealing with them head on. The encouraging news is that Dennis Hensley doesn't say to dream about what you want to become and eventually it will happen. Rather, he provides very clear and practical questions and answers on how you can continuously improve and grow. And there is always room for improvement.

I'd like to leave you with one last thought on the book. You may have heard the phrase, "There is joy in the journey." As I read the final pages of the book, I was reminded how fulfilling it is to live a life of joy and contentment. A smile, a hug, a warm greeting and handshake, all of these seem small in comparison to the stressful challenges we face each and every day at work. But it always seems that the toughest day is a little more tolerable when we can talk to a friend or better yet, listen to a friend in need.

Please email Phillip at if you would like to borrow the book.

Phillip Lichlyter, PMP

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