PMI Central Alabama Chapter offers many opportunities to get involved! We have outstanding individuals involved with the chapter's operations and committees that manage many special projects. If you are interested in volunteering, fill out the Volunteer Application, or you may contact us for more information by clicking here to send us a message using the form at the top of the page.


Board Positions

Board members are elected by the membership body for a two-year term, while the President's role is a two-year successive commitment (President-Elect and President) with a possible third-year commitment as the Board Advisor. Board members participate in monthly board meetings, interact with members and PMI global leadership, and collaborate & vote on board activities and finances.

Name Position (click on the link for the description) Area of Focus Term Expires
Kimberly Bennett President Chapter President   Dec-2024
Pamela Smith President-Elect Future President  Dec-2024
Charlie Boyd VP of Administration Administration  Dec-2025
Tosha Liveoak VP of Communications Communications  Dec-2024
VACANT VP of Education Education  Dec-2024
Jon Shively VP of Finance Finance  Dec-2025
DeeAnn Gunnells VP of Marketing Marketing   Dec-2024 
Tiffany Borden VP of Membership Membership   Dec-2025
VACANT VP of Programs Programs  Dec-2024 
Rosalind Parks VP of Special Projects Special Projects  Dec-2025
Karen Threlkeld Board Advisor Chapter Elections  Dec-2024


Volunteer Positions

Volunteers play an integral role in the chapter. They help with specific areas of focus and work directly with a board member to deliver exceptional value to our membership. Don't want to serve on the board? These positions typically require less of a time investment than board positions.

Area of Focus / Name Position (click on the link for the description)
Marketing Works with VP Marketing to promote the chapter to members and sponsors
T.J. McIntyre Director of Social Media
Ronald Hatcher Director of Marketing
Communications Works with VP Communications to promote and engage members and potential members about Chapter news, events, articles, and more.
Maryann Knopps Director of Communications
Education Works with the VP of Education to manage professional education opportunities, study groups, and youth educational outreach. Coordinates with local colleges and career centers to develop and raise awareness of project management.
Steve Volz Education Advisor
Board Advisor
Works with the Board Advisor to manage elections.
VACANT (2 volunteers needed) Nominations Committee Member
VACANT Nominations Committee Chair
President-Elect Works with the President-Elect to help recruit, manage, and coordinate volunteer programs.
VACANT Director of Volunteers
Programs Works with VP Programs to run chapter meetings, social events, and other gatherings.
VACANT Director of Social Events
Special Projects Works with the VP of Special Projects to plan the annual Professional Development Day (PDD) and other special projects.
Michael Dale Special Projects Advisor
VACANT Special Projects Volunteer